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Pinball Machine Stern Star Trek Pro

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Pinball Machine Stern Star Trek Pro  comes with free delivery, and we have the lowest price for the Official UK and USA  version.

Star Trek is one of the world’s most popular and renowned sci-fi series, following the exploits and conflicts of the crew onboard the starship USS Enterprise. This machine is based on the more contemporary Star Trek film franchise, which is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

In order to explore the galaxy, players must embark on a variety of missions across space and become embroiled in various intergalactic battles.

Players will face off against the powerful Klingon Empire, participate in a variety of missions from the latest Star Trek films, and even face off against the formidable USS Vengeance. Buy Pinball Machine Stern Star Trek Pro from us at good prices


Stern Star Trek Pro Key Features:

  • “USS Vengeance” custom-moulded animated ship model
  • Single drop target protects “USS Vengeance” with memory and reset
  • Magnetic Ball Lock behind single “USS Vengeance” Drop Target can hold multiple balls
  • “USS Vengeance” disintegrator, super-speed ball kicker protects ship and fires balls
  • All-LED playfield, G.I. and control lamps
  • 7 tri-coloured LED Star Trek shield emblem custom moulded inserts
  • LED flashers throughout playfield
  • 3 flippers – 1 left, 2 right
  • 18-mission game progression
  • Captain’s Chair wizard modes
  • Fire button and laser-cut fire button plate, powder coated in Starfleet Blue
  • Phaser and photon torpedo feature controlled by top-mounted fire button
  • Super flash spinning target with holographic motion
  • 5 x 1/2″ stand-up targets
  • 8 x 1″ stand-up targets
  • 1 x 1.5″ stand-up target
  • Stainless steel shooter lane ramp
  • 2 wide entrance combo ramps
  • Warp feedback ramp fed by 3rd flipper
  • Left eject kicker lock
  • 3 high-speed pop bumpers
  • 2 high-powered slingshot mechanisms
  • 2 electric gates in orbit lanes
  • Shot behind upper right flipper to shooter lane
  • 8 Opto sets for reliable ramp and magnet switching
  • Star Trek “Starfleet” Pro Translite backglass
  • New powder-coated steel and plywood backbox with 2-bold quick assembly and security
  • Dual latch lockdown bar
  • Unique Star Trek “Starfleet” pro hi-definition themed cabinet artwork
  • Black ABS plastic bottom arch
  • Comes with 4 pinballs
  • Traditional coin door

If you’re interested in trying out a new pinball machine, we have a great selection on display in our showroom, all of which are set to free play so you can play a few games to get a feel for them.

Even if we don’t have the particular game you’re searching for in the showroom, we can walk you through all of your possibilities, whether you’re a pinball collector or just looking for that first table to start your own collection.

We recommend calling our showrooms ahead of time to get a list of all the machines we currently have on display for you to sample.

We are avid pinball players with expertise owning and playing a wide range of pinball machines. It is well worth your time to come see us if you are searching for objective, high-quality counsel. There’s nothing quite like playing a few games to get a true sense of how wonderful a game is.

For more details see our Showroom page. For directions see our How to Find Us page.

Because this pinball machine was only released a few years ago, it looks almost brand new out of the box, with minor playfield and cabinet wear. However, the powder coated metal surrounding the ‘Punch It’ button has a minor visual flaw (pictured)

All of our pinball machines undergo a rigorous inspection and reconditioning procedure to ensure that they function properly and without problems. Where necessary, new balls and rubbers will be installed. Where necessary, new decals and parts will be installed. If necessary, we will make aesthetic fixes. Our pinball machines are described as being in good restored condition. Pinball Machine Stern Star Trek Pro for easy delivery


Reconditioning and Servicing – 26 Point Checklist:

Purchasing a pinball machine is similar to purchasing a car: there may be issues behind the hood that you are unaware of until they interrupt your enjoyment!

It’s worth mentioning that pinball machines have a lot of moving parts. There are disadvantages to buying a used pinball machine elsewhere, and if you don’t know what to look for, you could end up with an incomplete machine that isn’t performing to its full capacity. You might also buy a machine that is 20-30 years old and has a major electrical problem.


Every machine that passes through our doors, however, is subjected to a thorough 26-point inspection by a professional engineer. This service is only available for pinball machines purchased through Home Leisure Direct. To avoid any risk, all machines are subjected to a comprehensive PAT test by a fully qualified engineer. Everything is also checked, including the lighting, coils, flippers, whole mechanics, electronics, and everything else. These tests guarantee that all components have been thoroughly tested and are in functioning order.

This includes everything from cosmetic touch-ups to a full wax clean. This 26-point inspection ensures that your new pinball machine is in perfect functioning order and ready to start a new life with its new owner. Buy Pinball Machine Stern Star Trek Pro from us in Europe and Australia

Stern Star Trek Pro Measurements:

Height: 76″
Width: 27″
Length: 55″
Weight: 285lbs

Please ensure you fully check that a pinball of this size will fit into your intended location.


These products are usually available from stock and usually take from 7 – 10 days to be delivered, depending upon location and customer availability.


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