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Sunflower Oil Cake wholesale is a product of the oil and fat industry, which is obtained by pressing oil seeds: sunflower, soybean, and rapeseed. It contains a significant proportion of oil – about 7-10%. The production technology of cake consists in multiple compaction and crushing of seeds or only kernels at the pressing stage. Sunflower oil cake has a high content of protein (15-40%), oil (7-15%) and mineral elements – calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc. Due to this, the cake is used as a component of the combined feed in the diet of all farm animals

Sunflower Cake Specification:

Moisture and other volatile substances, % max – 6,7 / 7,8
Mass fraction of crude protein, % min – 29,3 / 32,3
Mass fraction of crude protein (dry matter), % min – 31,55 / 33,6
Mass fraction of crude fiber ,% max – 22,85 / 21,55
Mass fraction of crude fats, % – 9,3 / 8,7

Validity: 3 months from the date of manufacturing, in terms of keeping in dry and ventilated warehouses, clean and not contaminated with parasites, with no sun rays and heating as well.

Sunflower meal is a by-product of processing sunflower seeds in the process of production of sunflower oil. Sunflower meal is different from sunflower cake left over after pressing with a high protein content, which accounts for about 40%, and a lower fat content of up to 2%, so sunflower meal is ideal for preparing protein feed for growing poultry, cattle, rabbits and pigs.

Packing of pellets of meal in bags of 25-50 kg, big-bags 500-1200 kg or containers.



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