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Buy Used rail scrap Competitive Price.

We can supply used rail as;

Price: $170 USD per Metric Ton

Specifications and Chemical Composition:
Used Rail: R50 (51.67KG/Meter, GOST 7173-55),
Used Rail: R65 (64.72KG/Meter, GOST 8161-75).

Size & Weight: Length: 12meter ~ 12.5meter Maximum or less according to buyer’s instruction till minimum 1,50 mt ;
Width: 5.5 inches; Weight:64.72Kg.
No fishplates or steel pieces or bolts are on the used rails. All rails are clean and straight.
No pitting. Only atmospheric rust.
No heavy rust. It is mandatory that Rails must be cut into length 1.2 meter (max.) before shipment.

Mn: 0.60% – 1.05%;
C: 0.54% – 0.82%;
Si: 0.18% – 0.40%;
S: 0.04% Max.;
P: 0.035% Max.;
As: 0.01% Max of Mass Share;
Cr: Residual


Used Rail Scrap R50 – R65 for sale. Scrap metal is generated from the steel track infrastructure we recover, which has been replaced by newer material. The scrap we sell consists of various forms of ferrous metal and is no longer suitable for running trains on.

We have an array of commodities from Used Rail Scrap and sleepers, to smalls such as Pandrol clips, bolts and screws. We also have cast metal including fishplates, baseplates and sleeper chairs. Although some of our cast products are clean, some are often classed as contaminated with oil, diesel and general wastes having been removed from our busy infrastructure.

Scrap rail in particular is sold in various lengths from <5ft to 5-15ft to >15ft. Flat-bottom rail is the most common rail available however, we do occasionally have bullhead and conductor rail too.

Please note:
We do not sell individual items or lengths of rail.
We sell scrap metal at up to 1,000 tonnes per Lot(s).


Rail (Flat-Bottom) is sold in 3 main categories of length which can include a mixture of either cropped or flame-cut rail.

< 5ft Rail
Oversized < 15ft
Oversized > 15ft

Used railway scrap R50 – R65

Technical Specifications
R50 R65
weight Kg/ Lm 51.67 64.72
GOST 7173-75 8165-75
Carbon 0.54 to 0.82% 0.54 to 0.82%
Phosphorus 0.035% max 0.035% max
Manganese 0.60 to 1.05% 0.60 to 1.05%
As. 0.01 max of Mass share 0.01 max of Mass share
Silicone 0.18 to 0.40% 0.18 to 0.40%
Sulfur 0.035% max 0.035% max
Minimum order 500000 mt
maximum contract qty 10 milion mt/year
shipping condition CIF & FOB – DISPATCH
SER the following documents will be delivered to the buyer:
A SGS Certificate.
B Decontamination certificate.
C C. Certificate of Transfer of Property.
D An original weight certificate.
E E. Certificate of Guarantee and Immunity.
F No Radiation Certificate

The Used Rail materials are recovered from the track and distributed to our Material Handling Depots for processing, the metals are grouped into categories. Every day, there are deliveries of track panels, rails, small steel components and switches and crossings units to our Material Handling Depots. The scrap materials are graded and sorted into what can be reused on the network and what can be sold.



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