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Wood pellets for sale from Buffalo Dyle, our production continues to expand year after year, amounting to 36,1 million tonnes of pellets produced in 2016, showing a growth of 11% compared to 2015. With 16,6 million tonnes produced, the production in Europe stagnated while maintaining its position of the biggest producer, accounting for 39 % of world pellet production. This stagnation is mainly due to EU28 production, decreasing slightly

Ash amount: 0.7% max
Moisture: 10% max
Diameter: 6 mm-8mm
Length: 10mm-50mm
Made from pure wood , no bark
Bright, uniform surface color
No horizontal or vertical cracks
Density: 650kg/m3 min
calorific value: 4100 to 4500 kcal/kg
Uniform size: quality in production
Clear in water cup test
Non Toxic Fumes
Zero Additive
Package: 15KG/PP woven bag or 20KG/PP woven bag or as per customers
choice with desired logo.

80% pine – 20% beech (white) pellets
Diameter: 6 mm
Lenght: < 30 mm
Humidity: < 10%
Calorific value: 4300 +/- 0,05 Kcal/kg
Sulfur: < 0,03%
Ash content: < 0,7%
Additives: < 2%

Pine wood pellets 6mm
4-40mm lenght,
moisture <10%,
Ash content 1% -1.5%,
Lower heat Value 4150 Kcal / kg,
higher heat value 4800 Kacal / kg



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